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Our Charter


Smythe Academy of Arts and Sciences is a school of choice and interested in students who are willing to:

• Make a commitment to realize their academic potential
• Meet high behavioral expectations
• Cultivate self motivation for lifelong learning
• Make a commitment to attend school everyday on time
• Interested in project based curriculum
• Participate in arts and sciences activities
• Participate in extended day instruction

As a charter school of choice, parents select our campus knowing positive student behavior is an integral component of our school. Smythe Academy of Arts and Sciences holds high student behavior expectiations to sustain a climate of academic focus and success. Students are recognized for demonstrating positive school behavior through many positive incentive programs that are awarded daily, weekly, and monthly.


The official charter for Smythe Academy K-8 was revised, submitted and accepted by the Twin Rivers Unified School District school board on June 25, 2009.  The document authorizes the two-campus school for the following five year period.  At that time, the document will be revised and reauthorized by the school board.  

If you would like to read the official charter document, please download a WORD or PDF copy located in the locker on the left hand side of this page.