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Computer Lab


By using the library media center, you agreed to follow all rules and expectations. The librarian reserves the right to ask anyone to leave the library media center. If you are asked to leave the library media center, keep in mind that you will not be welcome back to the LMC until further notice by the librarian.

All rules and expectations are subject to change by the librarian at any time.


  1. Sign in at the Sign In/Out Station and record your computer #
  2. There is No Eating or Drinking near the computers
    • No Gum, No Food, No Drinks in the Library & Computer Lab
  3. Sign In with your own account on the computer
    • (Please see the Librarian if you do not know your log in information)
  4. Please either MUTE the sound on your computer or USE a headphone
  5. Work quietly at your computer station
    • "If the librarian can hear you, YOU"RE TOO LOUD!"
  6. Visit appropriate websites only
    • No Gaming(refer to Appropriate Game Websites)
    • No Youtube/No Social Media Websites
    • The Librarian has the right to ask you to exit any website she feels is inappropriate.
  7. Upon leaving, please make sure you leave your computer station in the best possible condition
  8. Close all windows and SIGN OUT of your computer
    • You are responsible for ALL activities done under your account so REMEMBER TO SIGN OUT
  9. Push in your chair and return the headphones if you borrowed one
  10. Remember to Sign Out at the Sign In/Out Station if you are leaving the library/computer lab

Thank You!



Do you need to print an assignment? project? presentation? pictures for your project?

No problem, you are more than welcome to print in the LMC. Just ask the librarian for details on printing or follow the directions below.

Remember, only appropriate school related work may be printed in the LMC. (Printer prints in Black & White Only.)

Share It to Print It!: You don't have to physically be in the LMC to print. Just share your finish product with the librarian and pick it up the next time you visit the Library Media Center.

FYI: Create the file in your Google Docs or Google Slides for easy sharing or send file as attachment in LoopMail.